Reviving my Blog (again)

I have decided to revive my blog that I started about 3 years ago. The topic will remain about music but not necessarily reviewing music.
     I was thinking of music and how it relates to my memories of people and places. Break that down and music will make me remember a specific time frame in my life. It does that in two ways: 1) When the music was originally released but 2) if the music was released before I was born, now it is music that isn’t tied to its original date of creation/release but it is now attached to a different place in time in my memory. For instance, Janis Joplin’s music was made and released in the 60’s but for me, it will always be tied to the years 1991 and 1992 because my first college roommate, Pat Bynane, owned that CD and it was played constantly. Thus, music will always transcend it’s creation date and be a part our lives on any given date and time.
     My main purpose for reviving this blog about music is to perhaps get in touch with people through music we shared together. Or let them know that when I hear this song or that song, I think of you instantly and that might be something they never realized. I will also be adding my thoughts and feelings about the artist as well and may be the commentary of what was going on in the world socially and economically and how music shapes those areas of life as well.
     Please feel free to give me feedback and even share stories of music and how it works in your life and relationships. As Shannon sings “Let the Music Play”!


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