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Who Cares that I Don’t Know What They Are Saying?!?

Found this clip on one of my favorite music blogs: Dipped in Dollars (!  Sometimes a song is just fun, infectious and in this case, just a little crazy!! So in those cases, you can forgo meaning and depth!

Let’s just say there are 10 Asian kids in wonderful choreography, brightly colored clothes and as the blogger “Danger” said “pretty sure one of the dudes is wearing a sweater dress” how can you not like this video and dance around your office or where ever you are!

Also, what I like about this is that you finally have tweens not being overtly sexual or in scantily clad clothing just to get attention! Not that I’m a prude but sometimes I feel kids under 15 just shouldn’t be modeling themselves after hookers. Ok, maybe I’m a little bit of a prude in my old age lol.

Anyway, have fun with “(Bbiribbom Bberibbom) (Dance Ver.)” by Coed School!